Yuri Reznik - Client for multi-residential, Childcare Centre & House

You’ve done commercial properties and doing your own residence, that indicates a high level of respect for Ken work?

Yuri: Correct, a high level of confidence and respect,

For many people a project like their home is a one-off thing so they look for some sort of comfort level, you have that comfort level with Ken?

Yuri: Yes and talking about small projects he is in very good at those as well.

Terry Cominakis - Client for multi-residential & commercial projects

Ken has done a number projects for you over a number of years. Why have you used Ken for these projects ?
Terry: Ken was introduced to us...

You have used him on a number of projects. Is there anything that he could do to improve his service?
Terry: No, I have to say I'm one of Ken's biggest fans.


Lionel Bloom - Client for commercial & new house

Why did you choose Ken ?
Lionel: From another architect...

And how have you found working with him ?

Lionel: He's great. I said very early on...



Richard Boyer - Client for new house

How was he to work with ?

Richard: It was a pleasure to work with him...

Ken was involved during the construction of your house ?

Richard: Yes....